Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Crabby Start...


So, there I was sitting on the toilet this morning, early, when out of the corner of my eye I see movement and look down to see a crab sitting right in the middle of the doorway staring at me.

I suppose it was staring as it was a little difficult to tell but it was facing me so I can only assume it was looking. My Motherly intuition tells me it was looking. I'm used to being looked at in less than ideal situations.

So, all righty then

I called for Master T to bring the dustpan and brush and it started to run towards me so I threw the hand towel over it. Master T arrived with the pan and brush and a very interested dog.

He took the hand towel off but was unable to capture the crab as he has an aversion to anything that has more than two legs with ants being high on the list. Anyhow, I digress. The dog was very interested but knows what the command "leave" means so was only able to look on with tail wagging.

Master T was tentatively trying to brush the crab into the dustpan only to find it running flat out at him, trying to climb in his pyjama bottoms as he was sitting on the floor. So, as he ran screaming from the room, the crab made a run to under the dining table, dog in tow.

So, I was able to throw the handy hand towel over the crab once again, roll it up in said hand towel and march off in pajamas and bare feet to the beach to deposit this pioneer adventurer on the soft sand where he/she could no doubt tell tales of the capture by aliens and his/her bravery.


How was your day?

Ciao for now

just Martha xx

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  1. I had a run in with a frilly lizard yesterday.
    Also involved a dog [not as well trained as yours] but thankfully the incident was in our driveway not the toilet!


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