Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Unexpected Disapproval...

I'm up late tonight writing a job application. Addressing those infernal selection criteria and no matter how prepared you are it still takes h-o-u-r-s!

So I'm typing away, being creative. The later it is the more creative I seem to be. Not lying but being quite..... flowery with my phrases

So I hear footsteps

'Rotten kids' I think to myself 'up this late on a school night' knowing they won't get up in the morning

I was sure it was a person coming down the stairs


The dog

She stood there looking at me with a reproachful stare as if to say 'what time do you call this?'

She went to lie down on her bed in the next room and finally when I was done escorted me to bed

Then she left me to lie on her doggie bed in another room

Well then

Ciao for now

just Martha xx

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  1. What a cutie your dog is :-) I hate applications they ask for so much these days and to answer in just the right way, good luck xxx

  2. Sometimes we parents need some gentle 'parenting' too.
    Love your sweet girl.


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