Sunday, 4 October 2015

Teenie Time...

Well, life is busy too in the teenager department.

Mater T has applied for 3 jobs and hopefully will hear soon. We are keen for him to get some sense of responsibility and also to drag him away from modern technology. Can't hurt talking to real people for a change. He is keen too which is great. I had wondered if he would sabotage it all. Hopefully not.

I miss the days when I was first working as the option was Thursday night and Saturday mornings. It was just enough to give some pocket money and a sense of responsibility but not take over the school focus either. Miss T's first job in a Thai restaurant had her working over 30 hours per week 6 nights per week. Way too much!

Master T has applied for work close to home in jobs that don't open in the evening. Miss T also needs a job but doesn't want to work evenings or in hospitality. She has applied to jobs that support her beliefs. God love her. She is going for a fruit farm with a cafe and gift shop and also a health food shop. Both are happy to work weekends and more in school holidays.

Miss T is also getting her hours up to drive. Harrowing experience for me! We are doing her a deal for the car. She needs to have a job, we will pay for half the car, we will pay for the insurance and she has to buy all her own petrol. She has to save money because the excess for insurance for someone her ages is over $2000. Also, when Mater T is needing a car he can buy this off her for what she paid. By then she will have a job or be in Uni and will need to upgrade.

Sounds good. The Silver Fox used to be a mechanic in his last life so is keen to find her something in good condition but value for money. They are looking at a car tomorrow. She is very excited. The Silver Fox and Master T will do the work required that way Master T will learn the basics.

How exciting for them both

They grow so quickly, they really do

ciao for now

just Martha xx

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