Thursday, 28 January 2016

just Decluttering...

Well, we have had a busy time of late. We sold in September and moved into a 3 month rental with the plan to move into a friend's house for a year. Due to one reason or another we ended up moving in on Christmas Eve. Yup, crazy.

The challenge has been to squeeze a BIG 2-story house into a 3 bedroom low set with minimal walls. Sigh. One month on and I have advertised to sell everything that hasn't found a corner here or there.

I am keen to declutter but it is with some regret I see my pieces go. They have history with me and some of them have been with me for nearly 25 years. Wow! Take that rocking chair for example. A girl bought it for her friend for his birthday as he mentioned he would like a chair to 'smoke a pipe in whilst contemplatively rocking away'. Sure, it's yours. But they will never know how perfect it was to settle cranky, tired babies with a gentle pat on the bottom and the soothing rocking motion. It even has a comforting 'creak' to add rhythm to the motion and knock them into a sleepy unconsciousness. Worked every time. But. Master T is 16 now and his rocking days have been done long ago. So goodbye chair and thanks for all the memories.

Also, somehow we bought a block of land down the road as well. To give is choices. Buy or build? We will let you know.

ciao for now

just Martha xx

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