Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Gorgeous Being...

It has been many years now since this gorgeous lady entered the twilight zone. She is now slowly fading away.

There are no winners with dementia. Not family watching from the outside nor the person living more and more on the inside.

Even though it has been a slow process, watching the footprints fade back into the sand until they are gone is hard. It is harder than I thought it would be.

Unlike footprints though that leave no trace, she has had 3 children who themselves have lovely families. Now we are parents, we totally appreciate the effort she put in and the wonderful memories, traditions and occasions enjoyed. We see with adult eyes.

Now we are parents it is too late to tell her how wonderful she was as a Mummy, how much we know she gave to us. I hope she knows and although we do tell her now, it is kind of too late.

Just thought you might want to know

Ciao for now

just Martha xx


  1. Well hello old friend! Sad to hear that your mum's condition has progressed further. I am going to try and breathe some life into my blog, how successful I will be who knows - but it will keep me busy. At least with all the crazy stuff that went down last year, I will have lots of things to blog about lol.

  2. I am going through that slow waltz now with my mum - it isn't fair on anyone involved.


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