Monday, 26 July 2010

Favourite: Candle

Citta Design

Candles lit - gorgeous!!

 Believe it or not these are photos of candles not vases. They are one of my favourite possessions and were bought from Citta Design a few years ago. I like the shape and the colour: duck egg blue. They are not tall enough to interfere with conversation but attractive enough to be the centrepiece as well as the mood lighting. They are f-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c for outside use as they cast a soft glow and don't blow out with the breeze. We get lots of breeze where I live. Don't sit at the end of the table or else every one's salad will end up in your lap! I kid you not. We have 6 meter solid rendered fences and did worry that the air flow would be some what compromised. Apparently not. (we have the fences to keep out the snakes BUT, I will save that little story for another day!) These candles have no scent but it doesn't detract from their beauty or function. Do you like candles? I have just ordered one from Wallflower in lime and coconut. Mmmmmmm, doesn't that sound nice? There is something so relaxing about a candle. I do have a nice big bath I can relax in, candles around, wine in hand, bubbles galore....... Aaaah- nice huh? 
Are you good to yourselves friends? Do you surround yourselves with items that you love? Do you take time out to sit with a candle lit just.... sitting? Look around your home. Go to each room. Look in. Don't see the mess. Be more discerning. What do you like about the room? What items in the room do you l-o-v-e? What don't you really love? Think about why you love something that has caught your eye? Is it the shape, the colour, the style?  Girls, decide what you do like and why. There you go. That is your homework for the week. Take a pen and paper and decide what you like in your home. Go on. What harm can it do? Begin your journey to 'you'!!!

Ciao for now 

just Martha

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