Monday, 26 July 2010

Sleek Lines

From the stairs looking West. This is my neighbour's house but I love the clean lines...
The simple handrail
Looking up the stairs
Looking down the stairs
This one won't cooperate but looking to the window from upstairs. The wall on the right is awaiting a picture

Stairs. I love them. We have our bedrooms upstairs and our living downstairs. We did this in our last house too and when the kiddies were small it meant that days were spent downstairs and upstairs stayed tidy. Seemed important at the time. Now we still spend most of the day downstairs. We have an "Up Room" which is like a sitting room upstairs. Great for playstation and games. Bean bags etc. Informal area. These are our timber stairs. We have had timber before and I know some people think it is such hard work. Not me. Easy-peasy. Bit of vinegar in the water and done!!  Once per week. I lie to you not. We have timber upstairs and down. We have a few asthmatics in our family so decided long ago that carpet was out. My theory is (Hmmm, I seem to have lots of theories...) that there is no less dust or dirt but with timber you can see it and sweep it up. Not sure if you all think the same but there you go.  Timber. It give such a wonderful tone to everything. This timber is Australian Beech.

I love our bank of louvers. They are r-e-a-l-l-y big and give great light to the stairs. The stairs are in the middle of the house discretely off to the side. I employed a few Feng-shui principles so we did this so that the energy didn't come in the front door and whizz straight upstairs. (Bad apparently. It needs to be 'confused' and have no straight path). I also love the lighting on the wall of the stairs which can be dimmed to be subtle or be quite bright. Our last house had lighting over the stairs so to change a lightbulb was risking life and limb hanging over the ballastrade. Not this time. Wiser this time. Love the squareness of the lights and their even placement. See, girls, take pleasure in the small stuff. You will have to suffer with photos taken my moi until I can work out how to upload the groovier, professional ones. Still a bit techno-challenged.  So I will leave you with the sleek lines of my stairs and the Silver Fox will get around to replacing the last 2 wires(!). Still needing that big bit of art for the wall. Waiting, waiting, waiting, looking, looking, looking...

Ciao for now

just Martha

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