Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Home Dilemmas

 Do you have secrets in your home? I don't mean deep dark secrets or skeletons on the closet. I mean, sort of, house secrets. You know, the things that people who live there know that others may not. These sort of things become apparent when you have visitors. What do I mean? Well, like wiggling the front door key to open the door, or, skipping over the squeaky step in the middle of the night. Things like that. I have iron secrets. I know them because I am the only one to use the iron. I didn't think to tell anyone... I have an iron that you can't fill with water because it sets off the fuse and the whole house shuts down. It has been like that for years. I know it so I use a spray bottle of water. Job done. No problems. Oh, I know it sounds like I am dicing with death at every crease but, I refuse to pay $100 for an iron when this one works just fine. Sort of. However, my little 'Home Secret' unraveled rather tragically. My Mother-in-Law came to babysit. Trouble. Not with her per-se but with the iron. Okay, okay, I m-i-g-h-t have strategically left the iron, ironing board, spray bottle and all the ironing out in a place she was sure to stumble upon after the kids were in bed! (Well, you can iron and watch TV at the same time! And grandparents do like to be helpful!) Well, she went and put water in it didn't she? Logical process really BUT, not with my iron. Disaster!!! Silver Fox and I arrived home to complete darkness. The electronic garage door wouldn't open. "Hmmm" we thought, 'what's going on? Did we have a blackout?" No. We didn't. There we found M-I-L sitting in complete darkness. Still, like a statue. Unsure even where to begin to look for candles or a torch!! Luckily she hadn't been like that for long. Maybe 10 minutes. Not hours thank goodness. Ooops....... sorry!! I still have the same iron though..... but I don't leave it out for the unsuspecting visitor to be helpful. Sorry....

Ciao for now

just Martha


  1. Oh your poor M-I-L. Lucky she wasn't there in the dark for too long. Probably couldn't even find the phone to ring you anyway. Yes I have deep dark secrets in my house too. Like our front door. You turn the deadlock one way and the door handle the other!!!!!. No one (except me and MM) can open it!!!!! I know about stepping over the "creaky" spot in the middle of the hall too. Funny what we get used to.

  2. That is funny, I hope she saw the funny side too! Our secret is the dishwasher, you need to give it a really big shove to shut it and make it work!

  3. I do have little secrets, like vacuuming wayyy too often.
    Your MIL story was too cute and funny!

  4. What funny story! Do have a funny Tuesday, Martha. xx

  5. Ooops!Poor MIL I bet she was wondering what she had done wrong! Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day, its great to see new faces :)


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