Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Safe Places

Aaaarrrggghhhhh!! Safe places. How I loathe them!! I have many a 'safe place' that are so safe that even I cannot find them!!! I am a creature of habit. I file diligently but for some reason, occasionally, I see fit to use a 'safe place'. And the item in question is never to be seen for a l-o-n-g time. Which is a real pity as it is usually something I need in a bit of a rush which was probably my reason for not using my logical method in the first place. I file. I file everything. Ohhh, I know the Silver Fox has issues with my system but hey, I have a system. He, on the other hand, waltzes in and says "where is that bit of paper I left near the phone last week? It is VERY important"!!! I contemplate husband-a-cide. (I know there is a real name for it but you know 'to kill ones husband'). I say 'if that bit of paper was so important maybe you should have put it in the office'. He usually says something like 'but I left it here. It is very important'. I restrain myself from stabbing him with the VSK (very sharp knife) that is in my hand. We have a huge office just waiting for important bits of paper like that!! The office was made for important bits of paper!! I tell him nicely. He usually just asks me where the bit of paper is. Honestly, what restraint I have. Poor Silver Fox. He does have issues with my filing. But hey, where would you file an instruction book for the printer? Would it go under 'p' for printer?, ' HP' for Hewlitt Packard'?, 'O' for office? I mean, really, 2 years down the track am I going to remember my 'p' for printer was bought at 'g' for the Good Guys? No. I think not. BUT, if I file it under 'i; for instructions and then have a file that specifically says  'Office', is that not logical?? Are you with me or not? So yes Silver Fox, you do need to look under 'i' for Instructions and then to the corresponding room the item would usually reside. Then waaaallaaa, your item found. Job done! I even have trays in the office especially for transient bits of paper! Especially for 'very important bits'.  Please, friends, tell me if that sounds logical or not. I think it does. So what precipitated this discussion, this angst? I was looking for the computer receipt to find the date of purchase so I could ring the computer people and find out why I cannot send emails from my mail system. So, I tried the logical route ('I' for instructions with subfolder of 'office') But, alas, no. I tried them all. I think I left it in the bookshelf near the cookbooks. (Safe place) but nix!! It is in such a safe place so I don't lose it...... Wish me luck...

Ciao for now

just Martha

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  1. 3 years ago I placed a treasured piece of jewellry in a 'safe place'. I've turned the house upside down trying to find that place with no luck. So glad to know I'm not the only one with this issue!
    Millie ^_^


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