Monday, 19 July 2010

Love: Outdoor Art

This is my entry. The art is meant for outdoors. It is set on aluminium with mixed media and is by an artist called David Ardley. David was a surfer and has a unique view of water. This piece is called "Transparent Water" and changes as you walk past. It moves as if it were water. We love it. Being on steel means that it could also safely hang outside and not be affected. Again our tastes are simple. We don't always agree, the Silver Fox and I, but we wait until we see something we do agree upon. This was the first hole in the wall of our house. The house was 2 years old. The rest of the art went up only 6 months ago after another 3 years. I no complain. But really have no understanding of this aversion to putting holes in walls. I do understand that it is not unique. I hear it is a common affliction. We lived in a Queenslander once and I was in my element. I have my own toolbox and with vjs, you can hammer anywhere! Plasterboard is a bit tricky.  You need special hooks or timber studs behind the plasterboard. Very noticeable if there is a big gaping hole. Oops! not happy Jan... bit hard to disguise. We are still looking for a piece in our stairs. We have a huge staircase which is begging for 'something'. We haven't found it yet. I found some fanastic twisted wood that would have looked great, but, alas, no agreement. Silver fox found a nice metal sculpture but, 'hello - rust!!!!' It would have turned into a health risk. So, looking, looking, looking.... Have a wonderful day...

Ciao for now 

just Martha

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