Saturday, 17 July 2010

Hi Ho

I've just come back from the markets. 6.30am. On a Saturday. Now that is committment for you. Cold. Jumpers. job done by 8am. Why? Why am I trekking out after a busy week working? Well. Put it like this. On a Saturday night 2 weeks ago my son was still hungry so I offered him an apple I had bought at the markets that morning from the apple man who comes all the way from Stanthorpe. I figured if the Apple Man could be so committed, so could I in buying his wares. My Tweenie Son, my hard to impress, junk-food loving son, 'yummm''d and 'yummm'd his way through 1 apple. He moaned and groaned in delight and ate it to the core. Now. We all know that one doesn't get the same reaction from the local supermarket where the apples are soft and go 'off' 2 days after you buy them. THAT is why I go to the markets now.  For the sheer delight in the everyday. To appreciate the small stuff and make the everyday enjoyable. I also bought fresh linguini from the Pasta Lady and, let me tell, you, teamed with chilli tuna and spinach, the whole family 'yummed'. Dinner was eaten slowly and enjoyed. I also had fresh strawberries with cream. No sugar needed. People, they were heavenly! I don't mean nice, I mean heavenly. The whole family was silent, enjoying the dinner in delight. I haven't quite been able to persuade anyone to come with me yet but, that is okay. It is nice to wander with my trolley amongst like-minded folk, just for the experience. Today's little soiree cost $21 for the weeks worth of fruit and veges. Not bad me thinks, not bad.... Anyone for dinner? You are welcome any time....

Ciao for now 

just Martha

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