Friday, 16 July 2010

Love: Linen

I l-o-v-e linen. It doesn't have to be expensive linen. Just classy linen. I buy my linen on sale but wait patiently for something I love. Something that makes my heart sing.  It has to ignite my passion. I know. I know. It is only linen, but, here is my theory. If I surround myself with things I love, they make me a calmer, happier person. And that has to be good for everyone in my family. Right? Sarah taught me to take pleasure in the every day. So, now I do. And, beds are everyday are they not?
I have loved linen since I was little. I used to make the beds with my Mum. "Hospital corners....". "Yes Mum".  My favourite bit was folding down the top. Aaaah. Memories. I don't make beds with the Silver Fox because he won't tuck in properly and everything is wonky. "I bet your brick walls are straighter than this!" I say in  non-dulcet tones. He doesn't think it is a big deal as he will only jump in it soon anyway. That is so no the point. His side is the side closest to the door. (He has this weird East/West direction thing going and insists on sleeping near the door in case of danger....I digress) So now I make the bed by myself. And it is straight.
I used to share a bedroom with my sister and we would be in ecstasy every Winter when the rosebud flannelet sheets were first put on! We were so excited that we couldn't sleep that night!!! I still get excited jumping into bed (but not just for the reasons ah la Silver Fox) knowing that it brings me pleasure.
The picture is of my bed. I have a white cover. Look, I've done my time. I have finally achieved white that stays white. The Silver Fox has had many dirty careers over the years: Mechanic (oh please, can you imagine!!) landscaper (from oil to dirt).... now we can have stay relatively clean. Also, the Tweenies are out of the snot, wee, jam-on-face stage so it all works. Usually. At present I team blue, white and chocolate together. I also do have show pillows. Do you have show pillows? Pillows not for sleeping on? Pillows just for show? I do.  I stand firm. One has to have standards you know. But, at the end of the day, it is just a bed.
Ciao for now

just Martha

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