Thursday, 15 July 2010

Love: Art

This is a painting done of me for Mother's Day when my son was just 5. Isn't it gorgeous? Look at the attention to detail!! He painted my red handbag and teamed it with a red necklace, shoes and earrings!! I think I am also carrying flowers too. AND I have beautiful pink lipstick. Oh, I was so beautiful in his 5 year old eyes. I have long eyelashes and a smile too. How observant was he? Now 5 years older he is still as observant. A little too observant at times "Mum, is that a new jumper?" "Shhh Son, no I've had it for a-g-e-s". Change the subject. Can't help myself. You all know what I mean... 
I wonder how he would paint me now?  I would probably only have a minor role in the painting next to a motorcycle or a Ben 10 character. Not that there is anything wrong with that but I am probably not the centre of his universe any more. Not like I was when he was 5.  As I should have been. Each age brings its own rewards. I take pleasure in the boy he was, and the man he is to be. I wonder what the next 5 hold? He is still cuddly and loves a snuggle. We call it "huggle". One of the baby terms that has stuck. Copyrighted by his sister originally I think. What were some of his words? "Wetty". When he was hot and sweaty he was always 'wetty'.  Oh, it is great to be a Mum. This is my favourite picture. You know, like one of the things I would grab in a fire. He had this unreal Kindy teacher who captured memories for us. Thank you Mrs Sutherland. We appreciate you more and more. Have a wonderful day and remember, appreciate the small stuff....

Ciao for now 

just Martha

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