Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Favourite Room: The Good Room

Now, here is my favourite room. Actually, it isn't really a room. It is a corner. But, I can't say "Let's go to the Good Corner" now can I? But, I can, and do, direct my friends to the "Good Room". It is finished quite simply. I don't really like fuss or "dust collectors" as my Mum would say. It has a white square of shaggy carpet. Luxurious for bare feet. Clean, bare feet. 
You can just see a corner of my artwork on the wall. It is a 1meter x 1.5meter photo canvas of my little family. It is a photo but is also the art. It is h-u-g-e! My gorgeous brother-in-law took it for us one Christmas. It is set on the beach. It is a candid shot of when we were tired and just getting a tad hysterical... with sand everywhere. That's the beach for you. It is a shot we can hopefully look at for years and not get embarrassed. We are dressed in white Bonds singlets and blue jeans. Classical. My taste.  I like it. The dog came in and barked at it. Not sure if he approves or that because it is so big he might have thought it was strangers in the house.
The couch is a nice blue leather one. Very daring for me back then but has proven to be a good choice. It is now about 10 years old and still in pretty good nick. The Good Room is a quiet corner for reading, relaxing, drinking tea and entertaining friends. You can see my Maxwell and Williams "Tea for one" ready for me and peppermint tea. Aaaahhhh, the joy! It is part of my kitchen/dining open plan area. Not a TV in sight. That is in the Media Room. Good planning that. Very good planning. Do you have a favourite room?
(This was taken before the tulips arrived. You should see them now! Heavenly).

Ciao for now 

just Martha

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