Monday, 12 July 2010


 Today is an opportunity to chat about 'loves'. This is the Silver Fox's main love (after the obvious of course!) His coffee machine. A well respected member of the family. This coffee machine was the best money ever spent. It is a Saeco Royal. It is the Silver Fox's best friend. It has been through 2 houses and a unit and never complains. Never falters. Never fails to deliver. Never gives a rotten cup. Ever. It even spent 10 months in the bathroom near the sink (very small unit!) Although it has spoilt us. It is very hard to buy a rotten coffee knowing a nice coffee is waiting at home.
Recently we found out how many coffees it has actually made !!! Nearly 7000!!! Not just consumed by the Silver Fox thank goodness but such a hard worker. I think it is 9 years old. This photo is taken in my kitchen with my salt and pepper coffee cups. You can just see a little piggy money box peeking out from behind. A gift from my honeymoon many years ago. Still intact!! Ahhhh, loves............

Ciao for now 

just Martha

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