Sunday, 11 July 2010


 I am waiting. Patiently. For my flowers to open. I bought them at the markets on Saturday morning. So now I am waiting. They were so fresh that I couldn't even decide what colour they might be. I l-o-v-e tulips. They are my most favourite. Why? Hmmmm, let me think. I suppose tulips are independent. They arrange themselves. They are free thinkers. Unlike other cut flowers tulips continue to grow and move themselves in the vase how they please. Oh, they aren't being passively aggressive. Just....... they seem to know what they want. What are your favourite flowers? Have you given much thought to the reason? Do they hold special meaning to you? 
This is also my favourite little corner. It is part of my favourite room that I will show you in a later blog. I also bought this beautiful candle which is 'Ginger Lilly' from 'Wallflower'. No web link as yet but the designer is working on it. It is wrapped in vintage wall paper. The designer is so stylish..... 
Do you like waiting? What do you wait for with excited anticipation? I also l-o-v-e October. Why? Because the air is fresh and it means Christmas is coming AND I love Christmas. Don't get me wrong. I am not wishing my life away but I do appreciate the special times. So, for now, waiting patiently... Stay tuned.

 Ciao for now

just Martha

PS: ?yellow ?orange....

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