Saturday, 10 July 2010

Catch Up

Ahhhh, the weekend!! Time to catch up on chores, friends and family. What are you doing? Do you make every minute count? I rang a neighbour from 2 houses ago last night. I said 'hello', she said 'hello' and we were off... children, family, houses, pets, hobbies....... we nattered for ages! Straight back into our closeness despite not seeing each other for months and months. Do you have friends like that? Friendships that have no strings attached? Friendships where the balance is equal? You know what I mean. Friendships can be hard work at times if the giving/receiving ratio is a bit unfair.
I am going to a baby shower today. I have made a whopping cheesecake because it is the mother-to-be's favourite. Plain lemon. I also made one for the Silver Fox because he l-o-v-e-s plain lemon cheesecake. Nothing fancy. Just plain lemon. I thought he would be more excited at my thoughtfulness! ('but you were making one anyway') He can have a whole cheesecake to himself. (no cholesterol issues here!) Usually I take one as dessert to friends and watch  his little face drop as the whole thing is demolished and he only got one slice. This one he only has to share with children and I bet they only get a small slice. He doesn't know nor care about calories/saturated fats/carbohydrate serves... lucky thing. Guilt-free. Bon appetit Silver Fox.
So baby shower today, family tonight and tomorrow....... there is the weekend gone. Note to self "squeeze in the washing as well"....

Ciao for now

just Martha

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