Sunday, 22 August 2010



  Well, it started off okay. Prior to departure 1 flat front tyre. New inner tube on hand and some elbow grease from the Silver Fox and all g-o-o-d. Off we went, family bike ride with an over-eager Master T and a very under-eager Miss T. Riding along on my pushbike honey when............ pffsssttt........... flat rear tyre for me!!!! Sooooooooooo, needed to push at a run / walk / run pace for 4 kms. No worries!!!Easy. Last time I had a flat tyre I was taking Master T to a soccer game so we really needed to be on time. Only problem was we were 8 kms from the field!!! That was a bit of a challenge let me tell you. In fact, I don't have a great record with bikes. I have had 4 flat tyres and 1 chain fall off!!! So, now we might squeeze in a nice afternoon on the couch to relax. "Meet the Fockers" anyone....

Ciao for now

just Martha

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