Monday, 30 August 2010

Favourite Lamp

Bedside Lamp

 I have two of these delightful lamps on our bedside tables. The tables are quite low but the lamps have lasted a while now without being knocked. They are ceramic and embossed with flowers. I love them. They are heavenly. I bought them in a local shop where the owner had signs on everything saying 'don't touch', 'if you break it consider it sold', 'ask for help'.... Pity. It had some beautiful things in it but the karma was all wrong. I know the general public can be a bit thoughtless and careless at times. But there they were. Waiting for me to rescue them. Waiting to be used. 
I know I have a bit of a 'white' thing happening but this is my third house (plus numerous units) and I have done the lollypop colours and then the Mediterranean colours and this time began with a white palette to add colours into. To be more timeless. Don't get me wrong. I appreciate other people's style and taste but this time I opted for a simple base. We live at the beach so the pale floors, pale blues and white walls are timeless against a beachy lifestyle. 

What style do you have? What are your favourite pieces? Growing up we had a sunny yellow kitchen with yellow Formica bench tops. Look, it was in the 70s. The neighbour had a cobalt blue kitchen whilst another neighbour had a 'mission brown' love affair. I remember all these things because as tastes changes, these didn't. Too expensive to upgrade the kitchen every five minutes. So, I am starting off basic and upgrading the accessories. To suit. What I haven't done, which can be tempting, is gone beige. Gross. No creams here except for the lounge in the Media room but I think that was because the choices were black, red or beige and even though red would have made a statement, it wasn't in line with my timeless palette. The lounge in my 'Good Room' is blue and I thought at the time it was a very bold move. I am sure there are many growing-up-with-beige stories out there too. Not me. Yellow. Even our lino was bright , sunny....yellow. Nice at the time I am sure but not for long. So, these are my lamps. The embossing gives them texture and makes the light quite beautiful....

Ciao for now

just Martha

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