Monday, 16 August 2010

Home Secrets - Dishwasher

 Oh, I forgot that I had another 'Home Secret'. You know, things in your house that don't quite work the way they should but you know so it doesn't really matter? Well, my dishwasher is one of those. The door is broken and has been since installation some......... um........... 5 years ago. Go figure! How time flies!!! Well, you see, what happens is if you open the door, it falls to the ground with a really loud ............thwack-y sort of noise as the handle hits the wooden floor thus making contact and resulting in a large...... dent. Great. Oh, Silver Fox has brought out the FBH (f'n big hammer!) on more than one occasion to fix the door but, alas, the problem continues. It does cause lots of problems. Lots. Mainly for me. And my dishes. Me and the dishes. Again it is a situation that has just.... sort of....... persisted. We have 'made do' as you do. But, here is the thing, apart from the door slamming into the polished floor, it also sits at an unfortunate angle. Unfortunate because, if you are unsuspecting, the trolley (usually full of clean dishes) careens out of control, down the door and onto the floor. C-R-A-S-H!!!!! Broken dishes everywhere. You see the problem don't you? My dishes. M-y d-i-s-h-e-s. Yes bloggers, I have again done my time with unmatched crockery. Hand me downs (nice yellow stoneware from my Mum's nice yellow kitchen), cast offs, generally yucky ones. Until this house. I bought 12 gorgeous settings of Maxwell and Williams Basic Dinner Set (Cosmopolitan I think?). I am too afraid to count the survivors. Let me show you some photos:

Said dishwasher

You see the problem don't you?

 Okay, okay. Again it is a house secret so we make do. We remember and gently lower the door to the ground. Always. And then we gently pull out the trolley and gently remove the dishes. It works most of the time. Well, yes, most of the time.

BUT. Now here is the thing. Some time ago, which will be revealed later, Silver Fox bought a new dishwasher. Yes he did. Because he couldn't fix this one AND it was making him cross. So, next to the old dishwasher the new one sat. Waiting to be put in. And sat. And sat. And. Sat. Next to the old one. Right next to it. You get the picture. Now, it was becoming a fixture. It was very good at pretending to be another bench and having stuff piled high on it. Not in its usual job description mind you. Today was the day it finally went in. Hooray!!!!! It is a great day. I even took a photo!!! Here it is:
It took 25 minutes people. 25 minutes to put in!!

There was paperwork with the packaging. I asked Silver Fox how long he thought it had been sitting there. Waiting. He said "Hhhmmmm, 6 months maybe". Not even close. Try 11 months. 11 months. Really.... Can anyone else beat that?

Ciao for now

just Martha

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