Thursday, 12 August 2010

Mr Nobody!!

As you know I have just come back from being away. Got home and eagle-eyed Mummy-Me sees........................ strawberry flavoured chewing gum stuck on the beige leather Kings Furniture couch!!!!! I know it is strawberry because it was purchased by Miss Tweenie on Sunday at the airport. AND I also know that, on this rare occasion, she chose to share it with Master Tweenie. So whose was it? Mr Nobody. Yep, you guessed it. He has visited our house yet again. Mr Nobody. Although Master Tweenie did say something about that he was unaware if it was him but if it turned out to be him then he was so very sorry. (Hhhhmmmm........ has he been reading my psychology books trying to psych me out? Probably). So, what did I do? Did I rant and rave? I mean, friends, I've done my time. I've had the hand-me-down couch and the make-do couch and after many years and saving my pennies I have THE couch I want. There was rather a pathetic lack-of-appreciation into the seriousness of the situation. A general, well, apathy of lack of concern from anyone but me!!! What did I do? I thought of my Mother. And I empathized with her in that as a child I was just as indifferent as my children are to my situations. 'Big deal' I can hear them thinking. 'What's the big deal?' I used to as well. I remember dropping a whole bottle of window cleaner on the new carpet and hearing a blood-curdling scream from the kitchen. I remember being  relieved to realize that no one had actually been murdered. The window cleaner was a nice 'blue' colour. The lid was loose. 'Not my fault' I said. I was just carrying it. New carpet. Pale green. The adult me would probably have screamed as well!! My mum used to say that when her children had houses she was going to come and mess them up. She never has but I can appreciate her frustrations. Oh, yes I can!!! So, what did I do? Well, naturally chewing gum will never come into this house again (until I forget and they buy chewing gum). So, I got out the ice, put it in a plastic bag over the gum and left it there for a while. Then I got one of those magic sponge things (?Magic eraser) and gently rubbed the spot until it mostly came out!!! Waaaallaaaa ................. it really is magic!! Problem though.............. Now the place where the stain was is nice and beautiful and clean AND the rest of the couch is dirty!!!! So, now to find information on how to clean a leather couch. Oh, and I might need to get some Mr Nobody Remover too..........!!!

Ciao for now

just Martha


  1. Ah yes Mr Nobody -he chews gums at my house too.

    My mother tells of a story of me (apparently) biting a hole in the arm of her new vinyl lounge (said to be top of the range in 70's vinyl) - and yes I have been paid back adequately: names carved into wooden furniture, walls a la blackboards and so on

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  3. Now that did make me laugh? You can appreciate the horrified look that must have been on your Mother's face. Goodness. What goes around...

  4. I might use that line your Mum used - threatening to mess up your house when you got one. That's a hilarious one!

  5. ouch!! I think it might be easier to diry-up the cleaned patch instead of cleaning the entire sofa:)!
    And that darn Mr. Nobody.... who let him in anyway?!!!


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