Tuesday, 3 August 2010


Pantry with glass doors, See the pull out pantry next to the fridge - good idea that!
Pantry at the end of the kitchen. Kikki K calendar on the wall. Family bible!
Pantry backlit at night
After spring cleaning pantry (I succumbed!)
I l-o-v-e my pantry. Girl's best friend a pantry. I like leaving the light on in the evening after all is done. It gives a soft glow. With some over bench lighting it is just enough to get things done without being too bright. Great lighting. Brings me pleasure. I am but a simple person. But after all is tidy and put away.... Aaaahhh. What do you like about your kitchen? We paid minimal attention to lighting last time. Sort of..... forgot. Soooo busy deciding where the power points should be. This time we paid attention to the lighting but could have paid more attention to the windows. Next time. Will there be a next time? Yes. There will be. Already planning the house. Smaller next time. More outdoor areas to sit in. More little nooks to sit...  I did succumb to the Spring fever!!! Knew I would. Was so pleased to start I even took a photo. Now, how to keep it tidy.......until Summer...........

Ciao for now

just Martha


  1. I could not live without my kikki-k calendar!! In fact I joke that we couldn't possibly have a 4th child as there would not be room on my kikki-k calendar (I use the last column for bills due date).

  2. That is so tidy! I have an inability to keep my drawers tidy for long. Well done for starting the Spring clean early!x


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