Monday, 27 September 2010

The Good Stuff

Do you have 'good stuff'? You know, stuff you use for special? Like china and crockery. That's a good example. Do you keep the good stuff for when people arrive and use the everyday stuff,well, .... everyday? Is your everyday stuff a bit, well manky? A bit mismatched? A bit blah? Look, I can understand when the kiddies are small and the breakage rate a bit high but, think about what gives you pleasure...... I love a nice cutlery set and use my 'good one' everyday. When I was growing up we used the 'blah' set. I remember because the spoons were h-u-g-e for my mouth and even as a little person, they annoyed me! We weren't allowed to use the 'good stuff' because that was for.... good. Even now when I visit I refuse to use the spoons. Am I being a princess? No. I am taking pleasure in the everyday and if nice cutlery gives me joy, well, so be it. 

What about you meals? Do you set the table. Do you make it nice? Do you e-n-j-o-y each meal as a mini-celebration? Dr George Blair-West talks about sitting down as a family to eat as one of the major ways to avoid obesity in children. Did you know that? Sounds kind of simple doesn't it? He also says that if you eat in front of the TV you consume 22% more food. I think it is about being mindful. Look I know life is busy, we are all on the go. But. Here is the thing. This is stuff we do everyday. We set up patterns. We set up traditions. Eating on the go vs eating in a relaxed way. And if that means getting out the good stuff and putting a candle on the table..... Doesn't sound too hard does it?

Master Tweenie is the romantic in our family. He has the job of setting the table a-n-d getting the cutlery right. He often puts out place mats, candles and napkins. Nothing excites my children than a candle, lights dimmed..... they love it. Makes it all special.

So, homework this week folks is to get out some of the 'good stuff' and enjoy using it. Oh, don't go as far as getting Great Aunty Ina's crockery out but just start to use something everyday that brings you pleasure......... Try it, you might like it.........

Ciao for now 

just Martha

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