Saturday, 25 September 2010

Observations: Shower

Saturday morning, coming back from my 'session' at the beach looking like a crumbed sausage. Walking gingerly into the house. Was I in pain?? No, I didn't want to get sand everywhere of course!! Housewife instincts kicking in!!!!! Stripping outside the laundry for the same reason. Hoping that the neighbours d-o-n-'-t choose this precise moment to walk up their internal stairs... Shower. Aaaaahhhh. My favourite place. Hot. Steamy. Hair. Legs etc............ Then it started. 'What?' do I hear you ask? 'What started?'............ The constant stream of visitors. Me in my birthday suit and e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e visits. 'Mum, can I get?....', 'Hon, do you want toast?', 'Mum... do you want me to?'...... True. True story. Then I got to thinking. Every time I have a shower I have a constant stream of visitors.... Always. Once, we were dog minding my BIL's gorgeous poodle cross cocker spaniel and HE came to visit me in the shower. AND he started barking crazily. He either wanted in to enjoy the water, or, he did not like what he was seeing. Humpf! Critics everywhere!!!! 

Now, the shower is my favourite place apart from my bed. I t-r-y to have a quick one but, alas, it is not to be.... I sigh and I sigh in delight. Aaaaahhhh. But, it would seem my family cannot do without me for 10 minutes. The Silver Fox is included too. He visits and stays and chats.... Maybe he has ulterior motives.... Does anyone else have this problem? Constant visitors. Uninvited? It is not that long ago that everyone wanted to hop in with me. Not that I really minded but as a Mummy, it is nice to have a bit of 'me time'. Now that they are older, they seem to cast me looks of disapproval.... But heck, people! If they don't like what they see..... they do have a choice.....

So, share folks.... Anyone else know what I am talking about? Anyone else have issues?....

Ciao for now

just Martha


  1. I so have this problem in my family too. I mean I had this problem until recently...One day I had had enough, lost the plot, raved and ranted about needing"me-time" and since then I have showered in peace nearly every single day. It has only been a month or so but I think that everyone finally got the message!

    We just came back from a week at the beach too. Even though the weather was a bit blah it was so nice to get away and relax.

    Best wishes for a lovely weekend,

  2. Yes. Oh, yes. Showering, going to the toilet. I have two little people and the dog. They follow me everywhere. In the weekends, sometimes I shut the door. The stand at the door and cry until Mike takes them away. It's one of those lovely little surprises that comes with having kids. No alone time and a serious lack of personal space ;) I relish in the knowledge that one day, the thought of observing me in the shower will be the most disturbing thing that they can possibly think of. I can't wait.

  3. With a 4yo and a 22 month old I definitely can relate. They even follow me into the toilet - there is no peace in my house. As you have 'tweens' I think it might be time you put your foot down!! Good luck! Michelle


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