Monday, 13 September 2010

Love: Bon Voyage

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We have just taken Miss T to the airport for her school trip.  She was nearly sick with nerves at the thought of being late. She had to be there by 5.05am and was up at 3.30 getting ready. Woke us all with a 'time to get up' and was champing at the bit to go... Packed her own bag, checked her own list, sorted her own clothes/outfits/style... How did that happen? I'm usually the one who gets the list out! Am I now obsolete or have I just trained her well? She is 12 and 165cm tall and a force to be reckoned with. I am excited for her, for her adventures, her chance to be independent, her chance to be bitten by the travel bug. For the chance to discover who she is.... I am so proud of her and have so enjoyed every stage of her life, from being a little bump to being this cool, independent, capable girl!!! The joys of motherhood. There are probably some bits I could have done without (like when she was 3 and pointed when saw a severely disabled man in an electric wheelchair in a shopping centre and laughed hysterically at him!! The Silver Fox and I ran away in opposite directions. She was lucky I think that he didn't run her over...) but all in all it has been a wonderful joy!! Have fun my gorgeous Moo Moo!! High school next year.... where did that time go?

Ciao for now 

just Martha


  1. I hope she has a lovely time on her school trip and you don't miss her too much. x

  2. How exciting for her.. An age for her to find her independence .. her likes dislikes.. Poor mum.. don't feel too obsolete!!

    Hope she has a wonderful time.. xxx Julie


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