Tuesday, 7 September 2010

? Magnetic Personality...


I want to change my bedroom around. Why? Just because. That's why. Because it is what I do. It is me-thing,  to swap furniture around. It's my hobbie!! It is who I am. It is what I do. My motto? just do it! But.......... here is the thing. I can't physically move the  bed. Way too heavy. We have this bamboo-mattress that is too darn heavy. Even for me, elbow grease and towel in hand!! There is another reason too. The Silver Fox. He sort of, well, won't move his position....... Hmmmmmm. I've mentioned this before. He likes to lie East/West..... The thing is I'm not sure I really believe it. This need to lie East/West. Help me out Bloggers. Is it a boy thing? Is it because he has this magnetic attraction thing going on? .....I don't get it. I've moved him around the bedroom for y-e-a-r-s!!! In fact, if you try to walk around in the dark in my house, you will get a bruised shin for your troubles because you will n-e-v-e-r remember what the furniture layout is. I am a blind person's nemesis!! Sorry. It is true. You get the picture. Unprompted by me and not knowing I  am writing this, Miss T has just come in and asked me if she can move her bedroom around!!! See! It is genetic. It is an inherited trait. But. The Silver Fox is stifling my creativity!! As a child I literally couldn't sleep if my Mum changed my bedroom around. I was so e-x-c-i-t-e-d!!!  (Imagine if you will, when the flannelet sheets were put on!!! My sister and I shared a room and one of us would get marched off to my Mum's bed because the excitement was too much and there was way too much commotion). I digress!! 

The Silver Fox. What am I to do with him? I can't r-e-a-l-l-y do it can I? Without his agreement?.... Heck, the just Martha of a few years ago would have gone ahead without a backwards glance. But. Here is the thing. I need him to help. So, I think he might notice.... And, if I ask another male with muscles to move my bed, well, that's not really right is it? Sort of ..... overstepping the boundary really. Bit hard to explain to the partners...'oh yes I was just helping Martha to move her bed'............ You get the picture. So, for now I will just have to work on the Silver Fox with my secret power........ 'The L-o-o-k'. I only use it for good you know..... never evil..... Stay tuned. This is a work in progress...

Ciao for now

just Martha


  1. Okey Dokey
    This one is interesting... I was under the belief that it is North South that is the favourable magnetic position..I suggest a bit of research here and tackle him head on with facts and figures.. hahaha Just bamboozle him with so much data a move would seems preferable to the conversation.. hahaha

    Actually I am a room rearranger too.. considering going for my 9th re-arrange of bed post move.. although my current position seems to be working out just fine for the sleeping thing... My spare rooms are still in total disarray as I can't move the spare mattress by myself. it is latex.. a big floppy wet fish latex... I hate it... and me thinks it has to go!!

    Very much enjoying your writing style.. and thanks for the visits over my way.. glad you liked 'rocks' and 'more rocks'.. xxxx Julie

  2. Loving it! Loving IT!
    Have you considered putting castors on your bed?
    And I'm with Julie do a little Feng Shui research 'cause I think you'll find some data to back up your plan...for now.
    When I was little I probably moved my room around every weekend...then I became a classroom teacher and would sneak up on weekends and move around the desks...those poor logical-sequential kids, they're probably all in therapy to this day!
    x Felicity
    PS Have enjoyed my first taste of your blog [the image that goes with this post hooked me straight away] and will enjoy being a follower...please be patient as my little bloggie limps along.
    x F


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