Thursday, 2 September 2010


My little man came home today. He has had a tough week. Full of ups and downs, mostly downs. He plonked down on the chair and slowly told me about it. His incisor had fallen out. This was good because it meant he could score some cash. Now he can only get money from the Tooth Fairy if. And only i-f. He believes in her. He told me where the tooth would be. In case I was talking to Tarah (his Tooth Fairy). Hmmmm, I think he is playing me!! Sadly, he was 'dropped' today by his girlfriend. She said 'your dropped'. (Yep, they still say that apparently). I watched him as he told me, holding my breath. He was dropped once before, when he was 3 and it didn't go at all well. Not well at all. You see he left daycare to go to kindy and his best mate Jay, hooked up with his daycare girlfriend. Apparently. Well, he was destroyed. He told me, when he was 3, that he would 'never love again', 'never get married' and 'never have children'... So, you can appreciate the potential for this situation to go either way... At 10 he could have matured considerably or, he could have coped 3 x worse..... "She'll come back" he said. Son, I hope so because she doesn't know what she is losing!!! There he was, my gorgeous son, running in the cross country, coming 4th, when he stopped to take his girlfriend to the teacher 'because she was crying- I couldn't just leave her Mum'.... SNAG that one!! (he came 9th). Do you know what a snag is? A Sensitive New Age Guy! Maybe there is another term as that does sound a bit....hhhmmm....... 80's-ish!!  He has been picked on as well at school, which we found out at our Family Night (still going by the way and v-e-r-y successful!). Tears, sadness, family discussion on bullying and how to look brave even when you are not... What a week!!! Let's hope that Tooth fairy remembers to come tonight..... We could always blame the rain or the window being shut if she forgets. She has before....

Ciao for now 

just Martha

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  1. don't they just make you want to burst with pride some days!


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