Saturday, 2 October 2010

Besties are the Best

Master T and I are off to visit his and my best friends who happen to be Mother and Son and have a sleep over. Cool huh? Our little boys are 2 weeks apart and firm friends. They have the same interests and are both pretty sporty. The boys haven't seen each other for a while but, as with boys, it won't matter, give them a soccer ball and they will be off...  When one has a growth spurt, the other won't be too far behind. They were our next door neighbours for 6 years.

We moved away about 5 years ago now. We sold out house, packed it up and moved into a dreadful 'little' unit for 10 months until our house was completed. The rush was to start Master T at school for his first year. Some months later it was revealed that Master T did not actual know that we had moved! He thought we were on holidays! He was horrified that (1) he did not live next door to his best friend and (2)that he didn't have a remote control to the garage any more! Not really sure how he did not know with the selling, the packing, the moving..... Made me more aware to explain the obvious to him. So sleep over here we come. Pool and park for the boys. Dinner and a chat for us. Heavenly

Here are the boys when they were 4.
What are you doing this weekend? It is a long weekend here and the weather is ghastly so hopefully it will get better. Seems a pity to have wet weather on school holidays, don't you agree?

Have a good one folks and see you next week...

You are my sonshine.  ~Author Unknown

Ciao for now 

just Martha


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