Saturday, 9 October 2010

Bike Track

We have fantastic bike tracks in my area which you may know as I have rabbited on about them before. What you may not know is that the  same tracks are responsible, to the unsuspecting rider, for many an injury due to the uneven ground at times or the shifting of the path or even the lights not always working. I have been flirting with danger by taking photos of interesting houses and features one-handed, as I whiz by on my bike ride. Everyone  has a story regarding the bike track: broken arms and legs, missing teeth, grazes, gouges, split lips.... I kid you not.  Even my own little Master T was riding next to me one minute and the next thing, he was missing. I look back to see him surrounded by people and him, a little crumpled bleeding mess in the middle of the crowd. He didn't really know what happened so I needed to take him home and bandage him up. Like an Egyptian Mummy. 

 So it doesn't really pay to get up to fancy tricks like 1 handed photography. A girl needs to keep her wits about her...

Ciao for now 

just Martha

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