Sunday, 17 October 2010

Birthday Happenings...

Well. The weekend was a huge success. The family were gathered. There was much laughter, fun and eating of course!!! The birthday girl was in fine form and slightly overwhelmed at times. The children did a few poems and songs and had Nanma in tears. She is known as Nanma. When we were expecting, my Mother decided that she would be a 'Granma' rather than a 'Granny' or a 'Nana'. Well, when my little Miss T came along and could speak, she decided on the name Nanma herself and it sort of stuck although some of the other Grandchildren call her Grandma too. She loves it!! The kiddies got on famously seeings as they don't really see a lot of each other. A-n-d they were tuckered out  from playing, swimming and late nights to settle quietly and watch a movie so the adults could play games. We played a few board games including Balderdash which had everyone in stitches!! Silver Fox would have won if we had kept going. Who knew he was such a great balderdasher? Noice!!! We went to a restaurant for lunch and then back to my parent's for cake and presents... Fantastic to see how all the kid's had grown and matured a little. Enough photos to do up a little album to keep the memories alive.  It all goes so quickly though doesn't it? (sorry, we are still a bit camera shy)

Now, let's plan for Christmas!!...

Ciao for now

just Martha

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