Tuesday, 19 October 2010

I Do...

The chapel made of glass and near the beach. Breathtaking view...
Big church and just lil ol' us!!!

 The Silver Fox has been cleaning the garage and he is on a long overdue mission so I hesitate to get involved interfere with his 'creative flow'. I have known him a while now. Would you like to know more about us?

We met at a nightclub. As you do. Well, that is not strictly true as our brothers were friends so I suppose he came with references really. Well from there it progressed and we married some 25 months after we met. We were both in our early twenties and looking back that seems very young. I guess when you meet the right person, there is no reason to wait.

We have been married now for 20 years (!) and the time has literally flown by. I know people say that but, well, it is true. This year we decided to renew our wedding vows with the Tweenies as witnesses and we decided to do this on a little island in Fiji. Our first overseas holiday as a family. Even though it was a sort of 'while we are there we may as well...' type of decision, it proved to be very touching and deeply reassuring. Reassuring that we had made the right decision all those years ago. We thought 20 years was something to celebrate, especially in these times. There was even a tear or two shed.

The whole thing was very moving, even for the Silver Fox who is as romantic as a dirty sock, usually. We decked ourselves out in matching white, casual but wedding looking. Anything posher would have looked overdressed really. I toyed with the idea of getting my original dress remade into something but I am glad I didn't as it was a very informal day. The Islanders went to so much trouble with all the finishing touches like decorating our burre with flowers, frangipanies for us to wear and bringing champagne for us and lemonade for the children after.  It was quite hot but a glorious day...

We were the talk of the Island and given superstar status for a while. We had our own table by the pool and had a romantic dinner by candlelight. Just magical. It was wonderful....Nice to know we would do it again really. The priest was so heavenly. S-o heavenly. He wore a navy pin-stripped suit with a sulu skirt. He spoke like Sebastian the crab out of The Little Mermaid. I got the giggles and I had to concentrate really hard on what he was saying. At one point he asked me...' do you promise to be conscious' (silence)..... 'of'...... Well, yep. I could certainly promise to be conscious, most of the time anyway!!!  How could I not giggle? The vows were based on the island and very poignant. A great day really. A-N-D I got a new ring! as you do!!

Got to have a new ring after 20 years....... Agree?

Men have the best legs and hips for skirts I think... Do you agree?

Ciao for now 

just Martha


  1. Congratulations! What a fabulous way to mark 20 years.

  2. That church is spectacular - truly breathtaking! Thanks for sharing your love story. x

  3. Congratulations on 20 years!! That is an achievement to celebrate! I think that church is the most picturesque I have ever seen, simply stunning! Your day sounded beautiful, thanks for sharing with us!

    Christine xo

  4. Wow that is a lovely idea. You certainly found the perfect spot.

  5. What a beautiful story. And thank you for the very nice compliment on my blog.

  6. Oh that is sooooo romantic and I love the part about the minister's voice - only a parent would think that! hee hee...


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