Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Looking, Looking...

Imagine a little 'something' peeking out!
I wonder what happened to the wheelbarrow?

We have a spot ready. Waiting. For a 'something special' It is is the garden and is currently being minded by a wheelbarrow. Oh, hang on. I just had a look and the wheelbarrow is gone to be replaced by some board. Not sure why. But the spot is waiting for something special. It is near our front door. Between 2 dragon trees and bordered by some snazzy-looking stripy liriope. We are looking for a sculpture. Or a bench. Or a w-o-w factor thing. We pondered over a water feature but the Silver Fox has ideas about modern geometrical stuff where as I h-a-t-e that. And, I had to gently remind him, we HAD a water feature that was lots of work. So, maybe a water feature with no reservoir to grow slime and  mossies. But then would it be turned on? I think not. I am all for a sculpture a-n-d I want the Silver Fox to make it. He has a welder and I'm sure he could do wonderful things with it. Or we could try something with slump glass?...

Slump glass fish back-lit with blue light... (googleimages)

Something like this on a pole up-lit with light (meltondecorplus)

Or even a mosaic fish on a pole  (artflock)

What do you think? Should we attempt something arty as project number 3? (after the quilt and the wallpaper topped desk)...

Ciao for now

just Martha

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