Thursday, 21 October 2010

Different language...

Getting the materials ready...
Just beginning to measure before we moved everything to the floor

The Silver Fox and I were talking different languages last night and this lack of communication brought a lot of frustration for a good 2 1/2 hours! Well, it all started with the quilt I am making. I decided it would be nice to have a really b-i-g one to put on my bed( 2.5m). I always seem to make stuff for others and this time I carefully selected material that would suit my bedroom. Safe so far? Well, the quilt has 4 layers and needs to be square. Alas, this is where the problem began because said quilt was not square. 

The builder in  the Silver Fox gets very offended by such things as un-squared squares so out came the tape measure. Oh oh.....  The Silver Fox was asking me to do things with that tape measure that I had never heard of and the translation was very foreign to me. I thought we could just fold a straight edge on the diagonal and square it up that way but apparently n-o........ He had me measuring, re-measuring, even 1/2 measuring, putting marks here and there. Look. I can use a tape measure but I was a novice doing it his way. He talks in mm. I talk in meters... He threatened not to help me when I couldn't stop laughing. Very serious business this squareness! 

Once we played pictionary together. Dangerous stuff really couple against couple. He was drawing and the word was vacuum. He drew a picture and then kept tapping said picture with the pencil in a frustrated manner and glaring at me. (I know you all know what I mean...) It was a lovely drawing. Of what I wasn't sure. Didn't look like anything I knew. Finally the time ran out and he blurted out that is was a vacuum in an engine and therefore a vacuum. What the? I asked him why he didn't just draw a vacuum cleaner. What the? It didn't occur to him. You see what I mean? Different languages...
We got there in the end and struggled through every stage including getting a diagonal chalk line through the centre.  Well, it is ready to sew now. Carefully pinned with a zillion safety pins.  I phoned him at work and he was laughting still! More that I can save people's lives but not be able to use a tape measure... If only he was so pedantic when making the bed!!!

Ciao for now 

just Martha


  1. Isn't that funny, we think of things so differently to men... eg logically! lol ;-)

  2. eeek! Why do they not just do things our way? Life would be so much easier :) xx


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