Friday, 22 October 2010

Cloche Me...

My little corner of joy

Isn't he cute!

The purple shells are from our beach...

Couldn't help myself. I saw all your beautiful cloches and I just h-a-d to have one. I found this one in Bed Bath and Table so whallaa, straight to my bedroom to bring me joy. I also saw this gorgeous little owl and although I am on a mission to not buy unnecessary things, I have been r-a-t-h-e-r good doing this gym challenge thing!!! So this type of reward is fantastic.

The teddy doesn't really go but his name is Charlie and he is owned by Master T but I have custody as Charlie was nearly drowned in a wheelbarrow once. He is too beautiful to be the victim of teddy-abuse...

This photo is taken on my windowsill yet to be finished. There is some marble to go here but I am toying with the idea of some nice, trendy, sealed wallpaper which will tie in nicely when I do up my chest of drawers and cover the top....

Ciao for now 

just Martha


  1. That is my kinda cloche. Love it's natural base, and contents. What pretty purple shells. x

  2. Oh how lovely, what a gorgeous way to delicately decorate a corner of the house. Super pretty.
    Just read a comment you left on a blog, you're about to start high school - me too!! Well i mean our eldest children are, we must be friends. Love Posie

  3. Love it martha, I think I need to get me one as well!!!

  4. It looks gorgeous already.Is very,very lovely Martha.
    Your blog is gorgeous!!


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