Saturday, 23 October 2010

Weekend and Negotiating...

We had a round table conference over pizza last night about Summer sports, chores and pocket money. Aaaah, negotiate, negotiate!!! Win, win outcomes reached. Swimming chosen for sport x 2 per week with agreements to committ 100%. Amendment to chores to include dishwasher emptying AND refilling for Miss T and rubbish including recycling for Master T. They get to keep 1/2 their pocket money, which is based on age ($1 per year) and bank the rest. Potential to earn $5 per extra big chore like washing cars, weeding garden. Up to a max of 2 per week. Agreed? Agreed...

Weekend filled with gym challenge, markets, bmxing, Kikki-K for a calendar for next year , Girls -Night -In function for me.... (Dare I say some 'Christmas shopping?....)

Trust you all have a good one...

Ciao for now

just Martha


  1. Well done with the negotiations!! We don't do pocket money until high school, it doesn't really mean anything to our guys, they're not into shopping, especially as i run a shop. FYI they're not spoilt either, they never ask for anything!!
    Anyway, with 4 children & 1 mum when my husband is away (for 9 month chunks of war) i just refuse to do after school activities, it's too much on top of dinner, homework, chat time, so we stick to the basics of Little Athletics over Summer. Then when they hit high school they can do team sports associated with the school (& school bus) as a helping hand.
    Have fun with the new plan, love Posie

  2. I remember having those meetings with my family when I was the child! It's always good to lay everything out and negotiate a deal. Thank you for our sweet comments about my artwork! I love how you say 'brolly' :) Have a great week! Jennifer:)


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