Monday, 25 October 2010

Do We Dare?...


Do we dare?...................... Take the blankets off the bed? What do you think? It was a glorious Summer's weekend here, filled with sunshine. But. We have been lured before. Into a false sense of security. It all went pear-shaped. Back on with the flannels. Even the brollies had to come out. But now, well. It looks so promising.... So  "I have arrived"-ish.  So watermelon, sunscreen, hats, swims, beach-ish.... We even had a summer storm last night: lots of lightening and thunder (you know soooo loud you fall out of bed...) and not much rain. Aaaah, now that is real Summer stuff that!

What do you think? What will you do?......

Ciao for now

just Martha


  1. I dont know, Saturday morning was gorgeous but the rest of the weekend still a wee bit chilly. Will be keeping my blankets on for a little longer! xx
    PS -I tagged you in a little blogging game today :)

  2. It's been quite funny weather here in WA too - after starting to heat up, last week we had a day where it absolutely bucketed down and I was caught without an umbrella! Back to warm again here this week.


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