Tuesday, 16 November 2010


I wonder if there is a help line for blogging addicts?... My computer was down for a few days and I was beside myself not knowing what was going on in my other 'world'! I had to restrain myself from nipping over to the neighbour's house for a quick check-in!! Oh look, I don't spend h-o-u-r-s blogging but I do like to nip in here and there to check. I also seem to be getting obsessed with my 'stats' counter too a-n-d my followers a-n-d how many people visited a-n-d what time they visited a-n-d where they came from a-n-d what sites referred a-n-d what countries people came from a-n-d how many hits per week a-n-d per month a-n-d to date... See what I mean?.... Deep breath. Relax...  AND if I get a new follower, or even a comment, I smile from ear to ear. It makes my day. It's true. Like right now I should be getting ready for work, and I am not because I have this idea for a post so I really need to jot it down. And now.  I have only been blogging since April. Is there any hope for me?? You all know what I mean... Please. Someone out there agree with me!!!....

But seriously, this blogging world is totally amazing! Supportive, kind thoughtful.. Oh I have heard otherwise at times  but would you agree that all in all it is pretty fantastic?....

Ciao for now

just Martha


  1. I have to admit on holidays I was still checking in and out of blogworld on my iphone! It is very addictive :) I havent gotten into the stats part yet, I think I will leave that. Enjoy your catch up xx

  2. I agree, it's very addictive :) There comes a point where you have to step back and balance blog time and 'real world' time so you feel like you're not wasting time online. I too find our little blogging community so very supportive and encouraging x


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