Saturday, 20 November 2010

Close Shave...

Master T has had a hard week. It all started with a haircut. Now Master T has thick glorious hair that grows like, well, grass....  He is a sweaty little beast so off to the hairdressers he went, with his sister, for a trim. Now, I was not present at the hairdresser but had prior knowledge of 'the plan' to go from some long locks he could flick, to a very short 'do'. Whatever. I rather liked his 'flick' but it was getting expensive to tame. Anymore that 2 trims a term really is a bit much. So, he came out with a short 'do'. Quite a radical change but he had been this short many times before. We all loved it. I think the hairdresser was a bit concerned that I would freak out but hey, it is his hair.

The next day he went to school....

And the comments started... Not really nice ones either

He came home in tears. Angry. Very upset. 'I'm not going back'

We talked for a long time about people and comments and being noticed. We talked about protecting his little heart with armour from the inside. We talked about how tomorrow everyone would be talking about something else. We talked about him not 'pounding' the next person who told him he 'looked gay'

He hopped out of the car in the morning and squared his shoulders, took a deep breath and 'braced' himself for the day. To remain calm, to look like he didn't care, to laugh it off... He did care. Very much. My heart bleeds for him, my sensitive, gorgeous little man. And yes, I did ring his teacher to keep an eye on him.

Thankfully, kids being kids, they were on to something else the next day and paid his haircut no adverse attention. He bounced home without a care.... 

Ciao for now

just Martha


  1. The poor thing. Well, learning resilience is not a bad thing at any age. xx

  2. That is such an endearing story...

    We, Moms really feel what our children are going through and there are even times we overreact, kids really have great coping mechanisms. Thanks for sharing.


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