Friday, 5 November 2010

Time Management...

Do you suffer from time management issues? I think it is a modern woman's dilemma. Or maybe not. Maybe it has always shrouded women through the ages but it gets a bit tricky doesn't it? Ticking all the boxes, crossing all the 't's...  This year seems to be whizzing by and I still have lots to do.  But. The weeks are flying. And it's Friday already!! Do you play games with yourself to get ahead? I do. How do you fit it all in? This is what I sometimes do:
  • I will change the beds mid-week even though they are due on the weekend. Sometimes I even wash all the sheets during the week then feel very happy with myself on the weekend!
  • I will set my clock by the bedside 10 minutes fast so even though I know it is fast, I can surprise myself with 10 minutes more... Works like a dream, Go figure
  • I will cook 4 times more so I can freeze extra meals. (The challenge for me is remembering to put it all in the freezer when it has cooled enough and not leaving it out all night to be thrown away in the morning. Done that before...)
  • I make lunches the night before
  • When I go away, I clean the house top to bottom, change the beds, leave bleach in the toilets and bug spray the room edges. Then, while I am away, I smile in anticipation of my clean house, clean sheets, and a few dead bodies to dispose of.... Crazy but I get so much comfort from this!!
I guess this whole mother/daughter/worker/sister/friend/driver/homemaker/washer/shopper/cook/tidy-er/wife thing gets rather tricky to coordinate at times!! Oh no, I put 'wife' role very low on the list. I hope that is not a bad sign!!!! Poor Silver Fox!! Might have to move that one up a few notches. Maybe, I can ditch a few management responsibilities on to him.... 'Oh Silver Fox, how are your ironing skills...' lol.


Ciao for now 

just Martha


  1. Great post, and great tips too. I like the holiday one, I'm going to take that on board :)

    I'm shocking at putting things off, and I'm so easily distracted. I clean out rooms and wind up sitting in the middle of the room sifting through boxes of old photos and doing silly little jobs instead of big important ones. Hopeless.

    Being a Mum you do need to be more organised though, it just makes life so much more pleasant!

    I fear 'wife' comes way down my list too. Poor guys ;p

  2. Mother always comes first on the list doesn't it, luckily our men are good at looking after themselves, lol!!!
    i like to clean my house from top to toe before I go away, theres nothing better than coming home to a sparkling & freash house.
    have a great weekend!

  3. Gosh i do nearly all of those things too!! Makes life easy, call it budget, organised or just sensible planning!! But with a husband always away, 4 children to get to school on time & businesses to run . . . we'd never get fresh linen on the beds if i didn't.
    I do make sure i put my husband first, makes him far more likely to help out when i need him & he doesn't take me granted like the children can. You're doing great!! Love Posie

  4. huh - no way, I'm a control freak, everything must be written down as to what, how long, and when I will do things, the only way I'd get things done in my day! My DH, now he could use a few time management tips - he's hopeless...

  5. I am so glad to see that I am not the only one who does these kinds of things! I normally vacuum on Mondays but decided to do it today so that my Monday will be free to do more Christmas decorating! I am also not an ironer...thank goodness hubby finds it therapeutic to iron after a hard day at the office!

    Best wishes,


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