Sunday, 7 November 2010

'Would You Like Some Tea Mrs Carrot?'

When LJ (sister) and I were small we would have tea parties and one of us would be Mrs Carrot and the other Mrs Parsnip. A game invented by my Mother I think. We would get dressed up and serve tea with a small china tea set, surrounded by our 'guests'. The funny thing was that neither of us ever wanted to be Mrs Parsnip. Ever. And we would argue and I usually won because I was older and bossier.... and it was my teaset. Why didn't we just change the name to ...say... Mrs Spinach or Mrs Cauliflower?  'Would you like sugar in your tea Mrs Cauliflower?' 'Why thank you Mrs Carrot. 2 lumps would be ever so nice'. My memory was jogged when talking with the effervescent Ms El at work.  How funny!!!

Ciao for now

just Martha

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