Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Are We There Yet?...

Which direction?

Are we there yet? Not a post about holidays and mammoth car trips. No. Instead, it is a post about you. Me. Women. The aim for me for this blog is to discover who I really am. Sound dramatic? Not really. I also ask my readers to think about who they are. To take a journey of self discovery. To know who y-o-u are, what y-o-u like, what y-o-u feel. To take joy in the simple things in life. To be content with no 'what ifs'. So, are you where you want to be? Where are you going? How will you know you are there if you don't know where you want to go?

The divine Trish (from a dream house for Trish) did a post the other day about losing her mojo, of achieving such great things in life but now being without direction. It got me thinking. (Go visit her if you haven't already, her blog is heavenly). Not just about Trish, but about all of us. Bloggers, we are all so busy with life, with roles, with the everyday that at times coming up for air is an achievement. I know this year I have struggled with working and doing lots of things badly rather than fewer things well. But. Here is the thing. It is very easy to just tread water. We sometimes forget to swim towards something. I remember trying to get my head around September and whooska, here we are in December. My list of chores is ever growing and time is fleeting....

I was looking for paperwork the other day (in my filing cabinet and yes, I found it) and I came across a '5 Year Plan' that I did about, well, ten years ago. On my cardboard was a picture of a beach house, a picture of a car and a picture of a healthy woman (okay, okay in a striped swimsuit with a nice body..) Now, it was within 5 years that I did have the house at the beach a-n-d I had the exact same car that was in the picture, even down to the same colour!! Freaky! The body? Well, working on that....

So, homework!! New Years eve is approaching and you know what that means? Shallow resolutions? Broken wishes? o-r.... what if you do a 5 Year Plan? Make it official on a noticeboard or on cardboard and put on it what you want within 5 years, or 2 years even. Can't hurt can it? And, hey it worked for me. I wasn't even planning on moving! I will plan where I want to be, what I want to achieve... So, go and start your plan so you will know where you are going. Here is the thing, you don't need to know how to get there, you just need to work out where you want to be. The rest seems to work itself out somehow.... Good luck....

Ciao for now

just Martha


  1. OOOHHHH Martha, you really have got me thinking, what a fantastic idea. When we decided we wanted to move from the blue mountains we sat down a year before & wrote a plan we only looked at again last week which is 3 yrs after the fact & YES we really did achieve most of our plan, so you have to put out into the universe & let things happen!!!
    Thank you for the lovely plug for my blog, I love dropping by here for a read as your posts are always very thought provoking & inspiring!!!

  2. A really interesting post, Martha. Good on you for being prepared to ask the question of yourself and see where the discovery of the answer takes you.

    Hmm, I struggle to find the headspace to plan a week ahead at this stage on Planet Baby! A 5 year plan is a bit ambitious right now for me but I agree, it's a fab idea. Oh, and yes, Trish has a lovely blog. J x


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