Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Things I Know....

 These things I know:
  • 'Into each life a little rain must fall' Sorry, being dramatic as it is pouring here..
  • Finding a carpark at the shopping centre is fraught with drama this time of year
  • The anticipation of Christmas, of family and of feast is still the same for me
  • (I can hear something wriggling behind my bookcase, I hope it isn't a crab-hazards of beach life)
  • I want to give thanks to my physical body for rising to the challenge of an intense fitness regime and achieving great results. Go me!
  • The anticipation of seeing a child's face light up at Christmas time is so worth it
  • Latest question 'so, who eats the carrot? Is it the reindeer or Santa trying to get fit?' Hmmm
  • Not giving a gift to adults in our family for Christmas is sooooo liberating!
  • A kikki-k calendar is a m-u-s-t for organizing the family especially this time of year
  • (Yep, it was a crab!! Weird huh? Chuffed him out with a dustpan and brush)
  • I am a very lucky person to be surrounded by love, health and happiness
  • Life is good
  • Give to others without expectations
  • "Nothing is more important than this day" quote by Goethe
  • Each person is fighting their own battles. Be kind
  • Be satisfied with what you have, not with what you don't have
  • Who are those 'Jones' anyway?
  • Perform random acts of kindness, because you can
  • Let the people in your life know they are cherished
  • Give from the heart
  • I thank the blogging world for filling a place in my heart...

Ciao for now

just Martha


  1. How wonderful to get a crab in your house. I'd be happy with that!

  2. A lovely post, Martha. Tell me, which Kikki K calendar do you recommend? J x

  3. I feel a better woman for just reading this post. Thanksxxx

  4. I love the quote - Each man is fighting his own battles... be kind. Just love that.

  5. Hi Martha,

    Thanks so much for the stationery love on your gorgeous blog. We hope the family calendar helped you get through Christmas in one piece!

    All the best for an organised, creative and inspired 2011.

    kikki.K xx

    p.s. can you please email your postal address to digital (at) kikki-k (dot) com. Thanks x


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