Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Dishwasher Update...

Alas, no receipt. And no glasses either but thanks to those who  put it out to the universe... Good news though!! Rang the company we bought the dishwasher off and they have printed me out a new receipt a-n-d a copy of the 5 year guarantee!!! A-n-d now just awaiting a call in 24hrs to book the job in!! Sigh! 
Such relief..

Ciao for now 
just Martha


  1. Loving the light story, we seem to have to get new lights each Christmas & no, i'm never satisfied either!!
    Good luck with the dishwasher, we only got one a few years ago, life changing!!
    OMG, your comment on my blog about your eyebrows, i'm scared!! Or i could say scarred by the incident you endured. Love Posie

  2. Fantastic news! It shows what a little perseverence (or a lot!) can do for you. So glad your dishwasher will be mended... we don't have one in this reno fantastic-o, and I really MISS/NEED/COVET one badly! Perhaps a prayer to St Anthony. I'm not catholic, but my old music teacher made me do this a couple of times, and the lost item would re-appear! :)

  3. Hmmm, might try good old St Anthony. Thanks for the tip...

  4. Glad you are sorting out the dishwasher, but those glasses seem to be in a very good hiding place!

    Pam x

  5. Ah, Martha, thanks for putting us out of our misery - bravo you! Good thinking, 99. J x


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