Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Goldilocks Lights...

I needed new Christmas lights because the ones I have were rather short and this has always urked me! Also, there were a few dead ones and even thought there were spares, I could never seem to change the right one. Now, lights and I have a history. I don't think I have ever been satisfied with any I have had. The first ones were shaped like sort of sharp flowers which screwed on easily over the light. They also screwed off easily too and when putting up the lights these shaped would inevitably fall off only to be stood on by innocent bare feet!! Jeepers!! Very painful indeed usually sprinkled with swearing, hobbling around and a bit of blood. Christmas can be so dangerous!!! 

So, the current lights are too short but much more friendly. This year I boot-scooted out for more and came home with a set. Something told me not to disturb the packaging as they might have to go back. Why? Maybe a tad too long? "Oh Silver Fox".. (he is the measurement man), "will these fit the tree?"...  "Why Martha" he said, "let me see. These will go around the house approximately twice". "Oh", I said. So off to the shops again. To return with Goldilocks lights. Goldilocks lights?....... 

Goldilocks lights = just right...

Tree with the Goldilocks Lights. They are there, believe me
I have a small tree that sparkles all colours-heavenly
CLose up of the star at the top
This is on my dining table...
This is my moose Dasher. Isn't he gorgeous? Little people want to sit on him

Ciao for now

just Martha


  1. We need new lights too...but I'm not that keen to brave the shops for them. Your tree is lovely too. xx

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog and your nice comments :) Have a lovely Christmas.


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