Thursday, 30 December 2010

Finishing Bug...

The Silver Fox

I haven't chatted about the Silver Fox for a while. He has had a big year working and he has holidays  for 1 month. Not since 1994 has he had a whole month off! Then we went to Canada and America for 4 weeks. Now he is working for someone else he is very excited at the idea of being p-a-i-d for this time off. Very excited. Me too! No child care fees this holiday for us!!! Anyhoo, the Silver Fox built our house and did a grand job. However, there are still a few bits and bobs to do. But, here is the exciting thing.... he now has some time and the motivation to do them! Go ahead i say! So, he will be finishing our outdoor area and half completed the rest of the roof last weekend. His goal was to have it done for Christmas but some difficulty getting the 'flashing' in time so not 100% leak proof. Pity, as we could have done with leak proof. Very exciting though. Will post some shots of before and after soon... Also we are thinking of changing some lights over the kitchen island to give, well, more light. So will keep you posted...

Ciao for now

just Martha


  1. Hi Martha. That's great that the Silver Fox is going to get to work and do some renovations - how exciting! Do keep us up to date on them all.

  2. Oh this is so exciting!! See i might have to endure 9 months without a husband when he's away at war, but when he's home, he's HOME, on leave, getting paid & this is precisely why i'm a housewife, i can take a break with him. Ahhhh, so when we build our home, i really want to finish all the bits & pieces as he'll no doubt disappear & they won't get done for years. Happy finishing & sunshine too so you can get the outdoorsy things completed!! Love Posie


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