Monday, 13 December 2010


Dear Glasses
I know I didn't appreciate you as much as I should have. I will even admit that I down right ignored you most of the time. I probably haven't given you the credit in my life that is due either. I know that I left you anywhere I liked frequently. You must have felt inadequate, undervalued even. But now that you are gone, now that you are hiding in your 'safe' place, I miss you. I notice your absence. I need you. My life is not the same without you in it. Everyday I think of you and go searching for you. To no avail. You are lost to me. I think of you day and night, mostly at night when the light is poor.  I miss you when I am sewing and squinting to thread a needle that continually mocks me. I have had to ask others for assistance and endure their scathing looks at performing such simple tasks for me. I have even had to wish that my arms were longer... no shorter...... no no longer. Simple tasks take so much longer. I never knew I needed you so. I know you are at my house. Somewhere. Waiting for me. I know this because I never take you out, never show you the world. Never acknowledged that you are now a partner in life with me. I am sorry. I have looked in all the logical places. Please come out. Please make yourself known. Please let me find you. My life is meaningless without you. Come back to me. Soon....

Ciao for now 

just Martha


  1. LOL, you make me smile Martha, now that you have confessed your neglect Im sure they will appear. Things like that always seem to end up in the most bizarre places, a bit like when you accidently put the milk in the cupbaord instead of the fridge.
    so glasses, come out come out wherever you are!!!

  2. Ha! I must admit to being one that does scathing looks. Going to the shops with my Mum if she forgets her glasses is painful! It's a family joke how I've got 20/20 vision, as I'm the only one who doesn't need glasses. Yet. Please universe return Martha's glasses. For her sake and the rest of the seeing family! :)


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