Thursday, 2 December 2010

Oh Mr Hart!...

Carpet looks like this, a cross between a sheep and a yeti

 Little accident, red wine on white wool shaggy carpet............ Any tips folks? Done the soda water and the vinegar and water. Now left with a nice 'pink' area. I have to admit, I did the 'Oh Mr Hart' thing with my head in my hands before I started cleaning (but without the Italian accent!). Sigh! I only have 2 squares of carpet. Only 2!!! I have ignored the Silver Fox's handy advise to spill more wine and turn it into a pink-spotted carpet... He also offered to take it out and 'power wash' it. Can you imagine! It would look like a really bad perm I'm sure in the end. Ever so helpful isn't he?

Any advise dear bloggers?

Also, time is running out for my GIVEAWAY. Enter here!! Drawn Friday. Good luck...

Ciao for now 

just Martha

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  1. You could try sard wonder soap. It's my go to stain remover. Although my kids clothes tell another story! :)


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