Friday, 21 January 2011

Family Moments...

I have had this week off. Hooray!! It is so heavenly spending time with my gorgeous children. Being able to relax and take deep breaths. I am not usually the 'fun' parent so we have done grocery, school uniform, school shoe shopping and the gutting of bedrooms. But. We have also had bike rides, indoor rock climbing, friends sleep over, swimming, movies..... All with Mummy! I think I'm a 'cool' Mum. In fact I know I am but apparently general consensus is that I'm not. How rude! I know I am way cooler than, say, my Mum was but, alas, maybe that is the quandary that is parenthood. Maybe no parent is cool in their children's eyes... Their friends think I am cool though so that will have to do. 

Today sees us heading to Byron Bay before Miss T has a sleep over at a friends house and Master T and I go either for a run or a long bike ride. I have had to get out the spatula most mornings to remove the Tweenies from their beds. I guess they are a bit exhausted from all the 'fun'. I must admit it is very nice not to be ruled by the clock with everyone out of the house by 7.50am! So dear Bloggers, enjoy your day... What are your plans? Want to come along with us?...

Ciao for now 

just Martha


  1. I would certainly love to come to Byron Bay with you! I should be so lucky!
    You certainly sound like a cool mum to me, and seem to have had a wonderful time with the children.

  2. Yes, I think you do get the cool Mum award! Have fun in Byron Bay! ;-)

  3. Funny how we all (some wouldn't admit) want to be considered a cool mom. Your weekend sounds exciting! Enjoy!

  4. Not being ruled by the morning alarm is the best bit about holiday time. I love the chance for us all to have a few lazy mornings mooching about. Bit of tele. Cuddles. What will we do todays? Yay!! x

  5. Lovely to hear you were footloose & fancy free with all your Darlings!
    Millie x

  6. How fun to hang with mom this week. I'm sure you are a cool mom. :)

    I think my weekend will be watching a couple of basketball games and reading a book or two curled up in front of the fireplace.


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