Friday, 14 January 2011

Hello Sunshine...


Well, it would appear that the rain has gone, the floods are subsiding and it is time.... Time to push up sleeves and use some real elbow grease.... The Silver Fox is going up this afternoon armed with a generator, water vac, gurney (water gun thingy), brooms, and mops to help his gorgeous brother to clean up his house after 4 foot of water went through the bottom floor. He is also going up with food and cleaning products. It is the least he feels he can do. We are both originally from Brizzie. Master T wants to go to help too as he is very sad to think about his Uncle's situation. Not this time my little Sunshine.  He is going to ring his Uncle to talk to him and make sure he is okay. It would be a bit too dangerous for him with all the potential diseases floating around. 

The heavenly A-M is also hoping to go back to her home today. Fingers, toes, everything crossed that her unit will be dry. Please be dry, and please have the lizards greet her with a 'oh, about time you're home' type of look! Good luck AM...

Ciao for now 

just Martha


  1. Thank goodness that the floods are finally subsiding, Martha. Hope that Silver Fox gets on okay. I can appreciate how he really feels that he must help in any way that he can. Good for him! It will take a very long time for things to get back to normal I would suspect.

  2. It has been such a tragedy. We down south have watched it unfold with horror. But I have been so amazed by Anna Bligh's stoic resilience and pride. And amazed by all those gorgeous Queenslanders making a joke in times of trouble. It has been a story of beauty as well as of tragedy.

    I hope everything is okay for your family, Martha. x

  3. Oh, Martha, the best news - A-M's apartment was untouched. Only just. And the lizards (and her precious chair) are safe! J x


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