Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Let's Go (K)nitting...


This year there seems to have been lots of notes home from school regarding 'Head Lice'. Never accusing anyone of course but casually pointing out that there has been an 'infestation'. Sigh... There is a h-u-g-e problem with even mentioning the word 'head lice' isn't there? I mean, really, I just k-n-o-w you are scratching right now. I can see you itching. That is the problem. Even suggesting the possibility causes problems. Now, put 5 children together, little heads close in concentration and whaaalaaa... potential!!!

So, lateral thinking on rainy days over Christmas... What to do? What to do?... You guessed it! Eradication. Now, this also prompted much adult discussion because it seems everyone has there own little 'recipe'. Me? I'm a white conditioner-with-a-thorough-combing sort of girl. However, if you have ever tried to plough your way through Miss T's hair you will develop forearms like Arnold Schwarzenegger (took google to spell it right), not to mention the patience of a saint!! Master T is better because his hair is short but trying to catch him every three days proves to be challenging. The general consensus was that buying preparations was costly and took quite a few goes to completely kill every beastie...

And so it was, that, armed with the heavenly Ms Erica's recipe of olive oil and tea tree oil, that all the occupants of the house went 'nitting'. Including the men of the house. Oh, look, it caused lots of laughter, especially when said fathers wore fetching pink shower caps! Sorry boys, when you need 8 shower caps the choice is a bit limited.  I have been banned from using any photos that I took but I have them a-n-d they are funny. So, 2 hours, 8 showers and 6 bed changes later..... job done! Do I know how to show guests a good time or what? Haha

Ciao for now 

just Martha


  1. Sounds like fun, and at least you have the photos to use against them at any time in the future! LOL!

  2. You still have a sense of humor after all that work . . . good job.


  3. Ahhh the dreaded nits, they create sooo much work. We have had great sucess with a shampoo called "pyrenal" its about $7 a bottle at woolies.
    As a hairdresser I would recomend shampooiing every 3 days for a week cause after all that work it would be a shame if you missed 1 egg or bug & ended up with another round.

  4. Sounds like you all had fun and have created some memories in the process. Tea tree is magic. Is there a link or could you share Erica's olive oil recipe


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